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Meet our latest grant partners

Over the past two months, we proudly supported seven trailblazing organisations and initiatives committed to driving positive social change across Australia. From bolstering campaigning efforts around the upcoming referendum to combatting migrant worker exploitation and advancing climate justice, these changemakers are making critical contributions to a more equal and just society.  

Environmental Justice Australia

Environmental Justice Australia (EJA) is a national public interest legal centre committed to using the law to protect nature and safeguard our climate. With our support EJA plans to further the work of their pioneering Climate Justice Legal Project (CJLP), coordinated in partnership with the Victorian Federation of Community Legal Centres and the Climate Council. The initiative addresses the disproportionate climate harm faced by marginalized communities through strengthening the capacity of community lawyers and organisations, identifying climate change trends for litigation and policy reform, and amplifying the voices of affected individuals and communities to advocate for swift and equitable climate action. 

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Migrant Justice Institute 

Established in 2021, after a five-year collaboration with UTS and UNSW, the Migrant Justice Institute (MJI) is Australia’s sole national research and policy organization dedicated to combating migrant worker exploitation. Their work has already influenced Australian laws and government policies, addressing issues such as wage theft and pandemic-related support for migrant workers. With over 1 million migrant workers in Australia, MJI strives to disrupt exploitation by empowering workers to assert their rights and holding businesses accountable. With our support as their first Australian philanthropic funders they plan to bolster their advocacy and push for the necessary government reforms to combat migrant worker exploitation. 

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Economic Media Centre 

The Economic Media Centre (EMC) is changing the narrative around Australia’s economy. Through media training and amplifying the voices of those impacted by economic inequality, they reshape public debates and drive political pressure for equitable economic policies. Since its 2020 launch, the centre has trained 780 advocates and supported over 12,000 media stories, significantly shifting narratives on social security, gender equity, and racial justice. Our support will strengthen their campaigning efforts around the stage 3 tax cuts, helping EMC showcase how these cuts worsen inequality, disproportionately favour the affluent and impact public services. 

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Climate Integrity Project 

Climate Integrity is a pioneering project and campaign dedicated to fostering accountability and promoting integrity in Australia’s business Net Zero commitments. This groundbreaking initiative will push for the policies and regulations governing Net Zero commitments to be aligned with scientific standards, ensuring that Australian businesses adhere to genuine and impactful Net Zero pledges. And to combat widespread greenwashing and misinformation, Climate Integrity will campaign for a responsible and transparent approach to combating climate change within the Australian business landscape. 

Australian Council of Social Services 

The Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS) serves as the national peak body for the community sector, championing the rights of those facing poverty and disadvantage. With a rich history of 66 years, ACOSS conducts vital policy research, advocacy, and engagement, comprising 4000+ organizations, State and Territory Councils of Social Service, and national sector members. The Foundation’s support will enable ACOSS to enhance and sustain its campaigning capacity, ensuring the voices of marginalized communities are heard in policy discussions. 

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First Nations Referendum Rapid Response Grants 

In the lead up to the referendum, grassroots and Indigenous-led campaigning efforts are critical to achieving a resounding YES vote, which is why we are backing the First Nations Referendum Rapid Response Grants program, overseen by the First Nations Justice team at Australian Progress in collaboration with Australian Communities Foundation and GetUp!. The initiative provides one-off grants of $500-$2000 to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organizations, community groups, and individuals to support them in creating culturally safe spaces for education, dialogue, and community-driven campaigns. 

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Our support to GetUp! will help mobilize the organisations expansive network and encourage a resounding YES vote in the upcoming referendum. GetUp! plans to activate its digital campaign infrastructure, effectively reaching and engaging their 1.2 million membership base, while also conducting targeted outreach, crafting persuasive messaging informed by research from Passing the Message Stick, and actively coordinating with other leading campaign organisations. At a pivotal moment in the campaign, this funding will help target, influence and galvanize a wider base of supporters.  

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