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End Gambling Harm by Ending Gambling Ads

Australians lose over $25 billion annually to gambling, the highest per capita spend in the world. The consequences of this staggering figure extend far beyond financial loss, disproportionately affecting individuals on low incomes and igniting a number of social issues—from poor physical and mental health to poverty and homelessness to family violence and suicide.

Despite the well-recognised harms of gambling, the persistence of gambling advertisements across major Australian broadcasters continues to exert influence, particularly on vulnerable populations. Three-quarters (78%) of Australian adults report encountering gambling ads at least once a week over the past year alone, and almost $300 million was spent on gambling advertising in Australia in just one year.

Gambling ads are also normalising gambling for young people. A survey of 1,765 people found that “seeing or hearing wagering advertising was reported to influence betting behaviour in risky ways, especially among young people”.

Recognising the urgent need for change, the Alliance for Gambling Reform (AGR), a long-time grant partner of the Reichstein Foundation and Australia’s peak body championing gambling regulation and harm reduction policies, has been campaigning to end gambling ads. In a recent development, AGR have teamed up with the Sustainable Investment Exchange (SIX), an activist share trading platform, to take their campaign to the next level.

Together, AGR and SIX are directing their focus towards major Australian broadcasters—Nine, Seven, and News Corp—urging them to discontinue gambling advertisements. By harnessing the collective power of shareholders in these corporations, they aim to catalyse change from within.

As the Annual General Meetings of Nine, Seven, and News Corp are on the horizon, shareholders are also presented with a unique opportunity to leverage their influence for the greater good. In this moment, their voices and actions are critical to ending the pervasive influence of gambling ads in Australia.

Learn more about how to get involved in the End Gambling Ads campaign through using your existing shares in Nine, Seven, and News Corp, or through purchasing new ones, and visit SIX’s campaign page.

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