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Aligning our investments with our vision and values 

The Reichstein Foundation is pleased to share that we’re revamping our approach to investing.  

As a foundation dedicated to supporting social change, we recognise that our responsibility as capital holders extends beyond the redistribution of wealth and power through grants. The way our endowment is invested must also align with our vision and values. We have a responsibility to ensure that we are not investing in systems or companies that perpetuate injustice, and an opportunity to use our power as investors for good.  

Our journey to redefine our investment strategy kicked off in 2023 with the establishment of a new Investment Committee: Jill Reichstein, Simon Lewis, Susheela Peres da Costa and Stuart Barry.  Throughout the year, this highly skilled committee laid out a roadmap for how we will retool our investment approach in the short, medium, and long term. 

Our Investment Approach outlines the intended direction of our investment activities, although it is not the final Investment Policy Statement, which will be crafted over the coming months with input from a range of investment professionals, civil society leaders and philanthropy colleagues.  

Our new Investment Approach sets out an aspiration for the Foundation to move towards a more responsible, engaged and activist investment strategy, including by:  

  • Transitioning our portfolio to a mix of investments 100% aligned with our vision, values and current granting priorities whilst achieving our return and cash flow objectives.​ 
  • Engaging and advocating to improve the corporate and finance industries, including through resolution voting and other action for systemic and transformational change and​ 
  • Using our platform and networks to foster responsible investment practices across philanthropy. 

We invite those interested in our efforts to invest responsibly to follow our journey as we share our learning and markers of progress over the next year. We also welcome those who have gone on similar journeys to get in touch and share their  insights. 


Learn more about our Investment Approach here