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Championing social change together

The challenges we face are too big for any single funder to tackle themselves. We have seen that some of the most powerful results happen through collaborations when we all play to our strengths. The Reichstein Foundation works to build and strengthen strong coalitions across philanthropy in support of social change and policy reform, including the development of alliances with public, family, community foundations and private donors to invest strategically in social change projects. There are numerous ways to learn and engage:

Achieving social change can be time-critical. Moving funds rapidly can help get a cause over the line or ensure that a good project does not go under. And small amounts of money can often make a huge difference. As a Black Lives Matter founder said, there are times when changemakers need donors to ‘fund at the speed of trust’. If you are interested to know more, please sign up to our Rapid Response list and we will be in touch.

Photo: Reichstein Foundation Trustee Malinda Wink on board Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior in November 2018.

Photo: Reichstein Foundation Trustee Malinda Wink on board Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior in November 2018.

Changing The Rules: Pooling Our Resources

We offer opportunities to other donors to join us in supporting projects designed to achieve enduring social change and that align with mutual areas of interest. We do the research and due diligence and work with community partners to track the impact of each project. Increasing the pool of funds helps raise awareness of the issues and boosts the financial resources to enable our partners to achieve their aims. As a guide, we have most recently been involved in issues including disability, human rights, law and justice, the environment and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights and empowerment. If you have areas of particular interest please get in touch.

This is our video about how funders can – must! – work together in order to tackle the huge, complex problems that we now face. Through our work to tackle economic and racial inequality, and to advance environmental sustainability, the Reichstein Foundation and the organisations we support have observed that our most powerful results happen through collaborations in which we each play to our strengths. Look out for cameos of some of our amazing brothers and sisters in philanthropy.


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